T-Shirt Condition and Measurement Guidelines

At Pale Black T-Shirts, we think it's important to ship products that meet our customers' exact expectations. No surprises. For that reason, we have defined a consistent way of rating the condition and measurement of our t-shirts.

Condition Guidelines

New: A brand new, never worn, never laundered t-shirt. At Pale Black T-Shirts, these are usually fulfilled through our Direct-to-Garment provider and shipped directly to you from the plant.

Preowned - Like New: A virtually brand new shirt, may have been worn and laundered once or twice. No visible fading or signs of wear to the fabric or graphics. No stains, no holes, no stretched-out parts.

Preowned - Very Good: A well-cared-for t-shirt that has been worn and laundered and remains in good condition. Fabric and graphics may be slightly faded, but still look fairly new. No stains, no holes, no stretched-out parts.

Preowned - Good: The t-shirt shows its age from consistent wear and laundry. Fabric and graphics may be significantly faded, but text and images are still clearly visible. No stains, no holes, no stretched-out parts.

Preowned - Acceptable: This shirt has been through the wringer, many times. There may be visible stains or discoloration. There may be holes in the armpits or threadbare areas. The neck may be stretched out. The fabric and graphics may be faded to the point of being pale, dull, indistinct or difficult to read. These are the most authentically preowned party shirts, and we f'ing love them.

Measurement & Sizing

New t-shirts will display size charts based on the base product manufacturers specifications.

Preowned t-shirts are shown with the size as marked on the tag, which is inconsistent across manufacturers and preowned products. 

Preowned t-shirts are measured and display the following values. 

  1. Chest - width at the armpits.
  2. Length - length from collar to hem.
  3. Shoulder - width between the tops of the shoulders.
  4. Sleeve - length of sleeve from shoulder seam to cuff.
  5. Hem - width of hem.

 T-shirt Measurement Diagram