About Pale Black T-shirts

Pale Black T-shirts was founded in 2020 on three core principles:

  1. T-shirts are central to the universal human uniform.
  2. Our music, movies, sports, jobs and hobbies define the cultural tribes to which we belong.
  3. Faded old t-shirts should not be discarded when they become too small or too threadbare, but rather enjoy continuing use by new likeminded owners.

With these ideas in mind, we trot the globe looking for used band, concert, movie, TV, magazine, corporate, and school t-shirts. We professionally launder and store all of our shirts in a temperature and humidity controlled warehouse to ensure your purchases arrive with the patina of their provenance intact.

We Buy Used T-shirts!

Got some cool old t-shirts you want to part with? • Tired of storing t-shirts you don't wear? • Getting fat(ter) and buying bigger clothes? • Need the cash more than you need your gross old t-shirts?

We will literally buy the t-shirt off your back.

Tell us what you've got, and let's talk $$$!